pulling and pulling and pulling
unravelling us
a pair of mittens unknitted is just a thread
i don't want to be thread
but the mittens get mistreated
and torn
more hole than whole
i want to fix them
yet every time i patch them up
i pull too hard and rip them further
the knowledge
rests in me, inactionable
like a book on how to swim
i am too afraid to jump
fear of the cold water filling my throat
it's sink or swim
and tied together, you sink with me
i care not for the water
but i care for you
so i jump
and sink
you pull me out, linked together by that thread
i wonder sometimes
would it be better if it was cut?
would we bleed out?
blood spilled through the ties
that hold us
i prefer the land to the pool
except in the summer
but it's not summer
and i failed
another day at the pool
wasted by my inaction
and selfishness