One thing that's always fun about getting into a new hobby or entertainment media is that I start seeing it everywhere. Useless informational normally destroyed by my brain's garbage collector becomes important. Even niche things appear with some frequency, at least on the internet.

Communities limited by distance tend to lack them.^1

As one does, I was skimming the internet while bored. My internet addiction aside, a comment I'd seen before (feeling like you're putting more effort into being understood than those around you put into understanding) stuck this time. Why do I bother?

It's not a question of physical safety for violating a social rule. Did I just reuse my meatspace rules? Or was there a reason I felt the need to avoid using any kind of technical jargon?

Maybe I'd assumed that no one else would understand what I meant. But that's a rude assumption. Even with completely nonsense terms, I figure them out. Sometimes it takes a while (*cough* *cough* lichbomb *cough*), but I can get the rough idea through context. And if I can't, there's always google. Other people can use google too. Or just ask me. If someone doesn't want to ask me what I mean, that's on them. (or on me, since I don't have comments set up.)

What I'm saying is that I need to trust my reader more. This is at odds with how writing journals should be (write as if someone knows nothing), but I think there is a balance. Context is important to help future-you, who remembers none of this. But word definitions? Those can be linked in. If you're using a personal wiki software for your journals, anyway (which you should be).

In some mediums, like poetry, context is deliberately hidden. I hadn't realized that until playing DDLC earlier today. I just found the whole thing kind of dull. Poetry where the meaning is buried and the rest is all just pretty lies is interesting to me. Logically, I assume most poetry is like this and just not as obvious as it is in the games. But it doesn't feel like that when I read it. It's just emotion words and then it's done. Maybe my school just never showed me good poetry. Or maybe I just have shit taste.

1 - using this instead of meatspace, because it still applies to online groups built around offline connections.